I want an account!

Cool! If you feel you’re the right fit for the site, click here for the mismatch application.

The pixie is not working like I want it to!

Our old pixie is made to work well on older computers. It should also be lightening fast on newer computers too. It’s not perfect, so please read the pixie guide on what it can and can’t do.

How else can I contact the mismatch team?

You can email us at That’s pretty much it!

I'm logged in, but it says I can't access the pixie!

If you are logged in and the website says that you don’t have access to the pixie, your account has been deactivated. Your account was most likely deactivated because you broke one of our rules. Here’s a quick rundown of the rules:

  • Don’t share your account
  • Don’t advertise services on this website
  • Don’t do anything illegal on the proxy or other services
  • Don’t be evil.

How do I get my account reactivated? Talk to the mismatch team and they can help you out.